To ensure quality, it’s important that there is enough time to accurately complete and proofread any translation. I guarantee you that my professional translation rates are well aligned with the market.

Determining translation fees and delivery times
To confirm a translation price and delivery date, some key details are needed:


Translation languages combination



Length (word count) of the text(s)



Desired delivery date



File format and/or layout


I always prefer to receive the actual text(s) you need to have translated in advance, so that I can provide a precise quotation. Sometimes a text (or a selection of various texts) contains repeat sentences or phrases. The programs I work with take these repetitions into account which may provide you with significant savings on the per-word price for your translations. This can also positively impact delivery time.

Perhaps your translated text also requires formatting to make it eye-catching and easily readable. While I produce simple Word documents myself, after the translation phase, complex files may require DTP (desktop publishing) work to ensure images, tables and other components are right where they should be. Together, we can assess any specific formatting needs and find a suitable solution.

Minimum rate
My minimum rate for any translation job is €40 (excluding applicable VAT).

It might help to know that the average workday production for a professional translator is between 2,000 to 2,500 words. Revisions to or proofreading of existing translated text are generally based on 1,000 to 1,250 words per hour – so roughly 8,000 to 10,000 words in a typical day.

Rush jobs
If you need me to translate a text urgently, this is often possible. Of course, a rush job rate or surcharge may apply.

For clients within the EU, 21% VAT is applied to the total price of the translation.